TK-L01 Ultrasonic strip cutting machine

◎Max width:100mm
◎Max length:9999.9mm
◎This special purpose machine is ideal for the automotive
and medical industries.
◎Will ultrasonically cut and seal webbing, lace, hook and loop, safety belt,
cord, nylon, PP belt…
◎With out leaving a burnt mark.

TK-L01M Ultrasonic label cutter

◎Max width:80mm
◎Max length:9999.9mm
◎Being incorporated with photoelectric alignment, the machine can
be used to cut label at designated points.
◎Cutting length is settable. The cut length is accurate so as to save waste.
◎Feeding speed is adjustable to fit a variety of material natures.
◎A quantification cutting enables an automatic stop when the setting
quantity is reached.
◎High speed vibration of ultrasonic wave increates a melting cut
and cutoff effect.
◎Utilizing the highest quality sensors is able to detest different color shades. ◎The machine can stacker.
◎Material: Label